Robert Mykle

Robert Mykle

Robert Mykle, award-winning author, is an avid explorer and adventurer. He has been called the original Adventure Historian and Politically Incorrect Traveler. Whether it's running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain or camped out with guerillas in the Amazon jungle, he believes in writing what he lives. Between new literary ventures and world travels, he is working on a number of international humanitarian and environmental projects.


His latest book, WALKING TO CRYSTAL RIVE: A Pilgramiage to the Most Beautiful River in the World, published in Spanish under the name EN BUSCA DE CANO CRISTALES, relates his adventures and travels in South America.

His other books include, the Palm Beach mystery, PALM BEACH CONFIDENTIAL: Murder, Intrigue and Forgery on Paradise Island and t he anthology OLE! Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century.

"I'm a Boston boy, born and bred in Beantown, though I spent most of my summers in my mother's native South," writes Robert Mykle in his bio. As a child of the much maligned 60s, he was pro-active in many of the news-making events of the day (Free Bobby Seal, the Chicago Seven, the March on Washington). Between demonstrations, he managed to spend ten years playing bass guitar and singing for a rock 'n' roll band while making the folk coffeehouse circuit.   He can still do a pretty good Dylan imitation.


After graduation from University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Robert headed for an extended tour of South America. While living in Colombia he developed many personal contacts, including three former presidents and Nobel Laureate, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


Robert spelunked in Bolivia and was in Chile three months before the Chilean 'coup.  He climbed the second highest mountain in Colombia, the Sierra Nevada de Cocuy, "10 days and I was never warm once." During one of many jungle trips through the Amazon and Orinoco River basins, he crossed paths with leftist guerillas who, fortunately, were too preoccupied to bother with a lost gringo.


While heading work on the largest copper exploration projects in Colombia, Robert became friendly with the Embera Indians. Constantly forced to balance relations with guerillas and paramilitary groups, he was finally forced by kidnapping threats to return to the U. S. Killer 'Cane was the recipient of the Florida Historical Library Foundation, 2003 Carolynn Washbon Book Award and the Florida Writers' Association Royal Palm Award for best nonfiction of 2002.

His interests are varied, ranging from marine biology, geology, ecology, all the arts; music, paintings and theater to scuba diving, bullfighting and flamenco.

His latest book, En busca de Cano Cristales, covers his years in South America and the Amazon jungle.  


Robert currently lives in Florida while still making frequent trips to South America, Europe, and Asia.



En busca de Caño Cristales es ante todo un libro de viajes por Colombia, que se extienden durante cuatro décadas sucesivas, de 1971 hasta el presente.

Against the backdrop of a grisly Palm Beach murder scene, art gallery owner and private detective Maxie Roberts sets out to catch a killer.


On the night of September 16, 1928, a hurricane swung up from Puerto Rico and collided, quite unexpectedly, with Palm Beach. 

"It is a chilling realistic account of the

hurricane that swept away about

3,000 people to their deaths."

Tampa Tribune ~ Florida



A complete anthology of foreign aficionados. 

CANE, a play written by Andrew Rosendorf, was based on Mykl's book Killer 'Cane

Florida Sun-Sentinel ~ Florida
Miami Herald ~ Florida

Killer 'Cane

"Mykle brings to life the characters, ... and draws us in to witness their deaths.   We feel an impluse to reach for their hands as they're being swept away."

Detroit Free-Press ~ Michigan
Citizens News ~ Texas
Richmond Times-Dispatch ~ Virginia
Chicago Tribune ~ Illinois

"When, a few pages into Killer 'Cane Mykle writes that hurricanes "were a distant, ominous threat churning in the Atlantic and killing hundreds of people in foreign countries where they didn't even speak english.  Surely us Americans were safe," you know they're goners.  If you read this fast paced book, you'll have a hard time forgetting (it)."

Glaveston Daily News ~ Texas

Orlando Sentinel ~ Florida

"Killer ' Cane: The Deadly Hurricane of 1928 paints a picture of nature's terrible immensity that's the stuff of nightmares."






Florida Writers Conference

Orlando, Florida.



Friday, July 8 at 7:00 
Biblioteca Piloto del Caribe, Barranquilla, Colombia.  Auditorio Mario Santo Domingo.

Abaco Libros y Cafe. Cartagena de Indias.

Gracias a Maria Elsa Gutierrez.

Wednesday, July 13, 3 pm.
Villavicencio,, Meta, Colombia.

Thursday, July 14, Bogotá D.E., Colombia. Madriguera del Conejo. Carrera 5 # 57-69. At 7:00 pm.

Saturday, July 16.  Librería Nacional, Cali, Colombia

Thursday, July 28, Bice Restaurant, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Writers.



CC My Bodyguards
CC Meta River 3
9B. RMC on Ice Field below Ritacumba Blanca
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2. COCUY  Robert at High Pass with Crains studded with crosses Sierra Nevada e Cocuy 1973 (2)
-0A. Cemetary entrance to Mesetas
Cocuy face
La Macarena -- Cano Cristales -- Macarenia clavigera  12-09
CC La Macarena Cano Cristales -- Red Mosses underwater -- Macarenia clavigera 12-09
CC La Macarena cano Cristales -- Red Mosses underwater -- Macarenia clavigera
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