About Robert

About Robert

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First contact: In 1954 with Miccosukee Indians along Tamiami Trail in the Everglades. A casino and luxury hotel now grace the spot.

"I'm a Boston boy, born and bred in Beantown, though I spent most of my summers in my mother's native South," writes Robert Mykle in his bio. As a child of the much maligned 60s, he was pro-active in many of the news-making events of the day (Free Bobby Seal, the Chicago Seven, the March on Washington). Between demonstrations, he managed to spend ten years playing bass guitar and singing for a rock 'n' roll band while making the folk coffeehouse circuit.   He can still do a pretty good Dylan imitation.

     After graduation from University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Mykle headed for an extended tour of South America. While living in Colombia he developed many personal contacts, including three former presidents and Nobel Laureate, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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At 18,000 feet: On the summit of Ritacumba Blanca, the highest peak in the Sierra Nevada de Cocuy, Boyacá, Colombia, 1981.

Mykle spelunked in Bolivia and was in Chile three months before the Chilean 'coup.  He climbed the second highest mountain in Colombia, the Sierra Nevada de Cocuy, "10 days and I was never warm once." During one of many jungle trips through the Amazon and Orinoco River basins, he crossed paths with leftist guerillas who, fortunately, were too preoccupied to bother with a lost gringo.

While heading work on the largest copper exploration projects in Colombia, Mykle became friendly with the Embera Indians. Constantly forced to balance relations with guerillas and paramilitary groups, he was finally forced by kidnapping threats to return to the U. S. Killer 'Cane was the recipient of the Florida Historical Library Foundation, 2003 Carolynn Washbon Book Award and the Florida Writers' Association Royal Palm Award for best nonfiction of 2002.

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With his trusty Ovation guitar and Hohner blues harmonica.  A child of the 60s, he can still do a passable Mister Tambourine Man.

Robert currently lives in Florida
while still making frequent trips to
South America, Europe, and Asia.

The Palm Beach Post

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Ask Robert Mykle, author, adventurer, all-around Renaissance man from Palm Beach Gardens. He knew Pamplona even before he traveled there. Months before he staked out a prime spot along the Calle Estafeta, his perennial vantage point for the running of the bulls, he showed up at a Pamplona gang gathering in Miami.

"Hemingway, of course, is why we're all in Pamplona," says the 54-year-old, Boston-born Mykle, who is rereading Hemingway . . .

Liz Balmaseda, two time Pulitzer Prize winner.

Robert Mykle's special blend of ...

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